How to check your ram on pc

How do I check my computer’s RAM?

If you are using a Windows-based PC Right-click the Computer icon and select Properties from the menu. Under System and beneath the processor model, you can see the installed memory amount, measured in MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes). Cached

How do I find out what RAM I have Windows 10?

Open Task Manager and go to the Performance tab. Select memory from the column on the left, and look at the very top right. It will tell you how much RAM you have and what type it is.

How much GB RAM do i need?

How much RAM do you need? Generally, we recommend 8GB of RAM for casual computer usage and internet browsing, 16GB for spreadsheets and other office programs, and at least 32GB for gamers and multimedia creators. How you use your computer influences how much RAM you need, so use this as a guideline.

How to check PC specs?

How to check PC specs on Windows 10

  1. Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click the Settings (gear) icon.
  3. Select System.
  4. On the left-hand side, select About.
  5. You'll find a range of data about your device and specifications.

How good is 16GB RAM for gaming?

16GB is the recommended amount of RAM for playing most games and will provide a noticeable increase in performance from 8GB. You will also be able to run applications in the background without affecting gameplay.

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