Oblivion how to drop items pc

What is the drop hotkey in Oblivion?

Select the item you want to drop and then press the Drop command: PC – ⇧ Shift +Click the item you want to drop, or drag and drop it out of your Inventory window. Cached

How do you give items in Oblivion?

To add an item to your inventory:

  1. Open the console with the ` key (the key to the left of the 1 key). The legend of the key varies from country to country. …
  2. Type: player. additem <ObjectID> <Quantity> (ex. …
  3. Hit <Enter> (or <Return>)
  4. Close the console by pressing the ` key (or equivalent) again.

How do you drop items in Oblivion reddit?

After over 300 hours, I just found out that I can drop items using "shift-click". I used to click and hold the item until it exited the menu. Then I would jump to let go. Shift-click is a lot easier. Cached

How do you use hotkeys in Oblivion PC?

Assign Hotkey on PC: Open Inventory, press and hold a Hotkey, then left click on an item.

How do you drop quest items in Oblivion?

A Quest Item cannot be dropped or sold; it will remain in your inventory till a quest removes it for you. Some Quest Items will remain in your inventory forever unless you remove them through the console. In appearance they are usually identical to the generic items they are based on.

What is the hot key for drag and drop?

These are the three drag-and-drop keys you can press:

  1. Ctrl + hold left mouse button: Copies file to the target location.
  2. Shift + hold left mouse button: Moves file to the target location.
  3. Alt + hold left mouse button: Creates shortcut link for file at the target location.

How do you drop money in Oblivion?

And then there it is we dropped our gold out of our inventory. Something we never thought possible in the game but we managed to do it somehow. So here's another save file works a little differently.

How does lock picking work in Oblivion?

Sometimes the begin when that's the case. The tumbler is moving so fast that no matter how fast you click unless it's instantaneously. So if you've watching the pattern. You're not gonna lock it.

Can you play Oblivion with keyboard and mouse?

What do I do? Although the PC version of Oblivion handles best when played with a keyboard and mouse, it is possible to play the game with an assortment of game pads as well. Due to the variance in these game pads, it may be necessary to make a few changes to the Oblivion.

How do I enter hotkeys?

To assign a keyboard shortcut do the following: Begin keyboard shortcuts with CTRL or a function key. Press the TAB key repeatedly until the cursor is in the Press new shortcut key box. Press the combination of keys that you want to assign.

How do you drop a quest item?

Long answer: you can use the console with “player. removeitem xxxxxxx yy” where x is the item that you want to remove from your inventory and y is the quantity of that item you want to remove.

How do I drop a quest?

To abandon a quest, highlight the quest in the Journal and select "Abandon." Warning: Players will need to return to the initial quest giver to be able to start this quest again.

How to do drag and drop in pc?

How do I Drag and Drop? By default, if you left-click and HOLD the left mouse or touchpad button while moving your mouse pointer to a different folder location on the same drive, when you release the left mouse button the file is moved to the new location where you released the mouse button.

How to do drag and drop with keyboard?

And Ctrl C. So you have control a to select all Ctrl C to copy Ctrl X to cut Ctrl V is to paste V. All right is to paste. And then if you want to undo control Z is undo.

Where do I sell stolen goods in Oblivion?

Armand tells you that you're on your own to go steal some property and sell it to Ongar. Ongar is one of several fences who will buy stolen goods. Setting this as your active quest will tell you that Ongar is in Bruma. Fast travel there and look around for some items to pinch.

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