What does pc stand for

What does PC mean on social media?

"Politically Correct" is the most common definition for PC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. PC. Definition: Politically Correct.

What does PC mean in purchasing?

The Centralized Purchase Order (PC) encumbers the funds necessary to pay for the order. This document is typically submitted by the central purchasing department to order goods from outside vendors requested by agencies using requisition documents.

What PC means in medical?

After meals Medical Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
PC After meals
PC HS After meals and at bedtime
q2h Every 2 hours
q2min Every 2 minutes

What does PC stand for in gaming?

personal computer game A personal computer game, also known as computer game or abbreviated PC game, is a electronic game played on a personal computer (PC) and form of video game.

What does PC mean pricing?

Prime Cost item PC stands for Prime Cost item. A Prime Cost item is an amount of money which has been allowed for an item in the project for which the labour which goes with that item has been included within the total price of the project.

What does PC cost stand for?

prime cost sum A prime cost sum (PC or PC sum) is an allowance, usually calculated by the cost consultant, for the supply of work or materials to be provided by a contractor or supplier that will be nominated by the client – that is, a supplier that is selected by the client to carry out an element of the works and imposed on the …

What does a PC do in a hospital?

Computers play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of hospitals. From maintaining patient records to scheduling appointments, computers help hospital staff work more efficiently and effectively. In addition, computers can also be used to monitor patients' vital signs like blood pressure and respiration.

Is PC only for gaming?

Can you use a gaming PC as a normal PC? Yes, a gaming PC can be used for all the same tasks a normal PC is used for such as web browsing, word processing, and video playback.

Is a PC a gaming computer?

Gaming PCs typically differ from mainstream personal computers by using high-performance video cards, a high core-count central processing units with raw performance and higher-performance RAM. Gaming PCs are also used for other demanding tasks such as video editing.

What is PC slang drug?

​​​​​​​​​​​PCP is one of several drugs known as hallucinogens. It can also work as a stimulant, an anesthetic, or a painkiller, depending on how much is taken. The name PCP is a short form of the drug's chemical name. Some street names for PCP are Angel Dust, Supergrass, and Rocket Fuel.

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